Thursday, June 19, 2014

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany

It has been quite a long day. We spent the last two days doing quite a bit of driving. We drove from Florence to lake como. Today we are driving from Lake Como to neushwastein castle and then to Innsbruck, Austria. The drivers in Europe have chips in the bus that does not allow them to drive too much. We have been making frequent stops to keep him on with the schedule. If he chooses to override his system, and he police pull him over, they an check the bus chip. If he is not inline with the law, he gets a $800 euro fine. That's quite brutal. How many tickets would dad have? Our tour director is from Germany but lives in the Greek islands with her English husband. She is currently giving us a good history of Germany. It's quite interesting to actually be here. What beautiful mountains and green pastures. The castle is quite large, I am impressed by the fairy tale like setting. I found kinder eggs at the gas station. I remember them from when I was a little girl. I will try and bring some home for the kidlets. 

My dogs are barking!!! 

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Jennifer said...

I am enjoying your blog posts. Beautiful scenery and delicious looking food. I have always wanted to visit that castle.