Monday, June 16, 2014

Italia Firenze

Inside the duomo in Florence. In was painted on wet cement.  The duomo took two hundred years to build. It is the third largest in Europe. A view of the Arno river. This bridge was the only to survive WWII. The Medici family built it to link their two palaces. They didn't want to walk outside. Now it houses very expensive jewelry shops.
If you rub the boats nose you will come back to Florence. I had been disappointed by the food in Rome. We stopped today and a chose a place in a back alley on the way to the duomo. The pasta was handmade as soon as you ordered it. I watched hrs make mine. So, so, good. The other top photos are the outside of the duomo.


Jennifer said...

Next time you go to Florence, I'm coming with you.

sara said...

Me too!

sara said...

We will need a room with a view though.