Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Essential European knowledge quiz

I thought I would put together a quiz with a few of the tid bits I learned from all of my tours and reading while in Europe. 
1. What is the Acropolis?
A. An ancient temple in Athens.
B. a citadel
C. A theatre 
2. Where are most of the carved figures from the Parthenon?
A. Still on the Parthenon
B. in the acropolis museum
C. In the British Museum
3. How wide is the Corinth canal?
A. 20 feet
B. 150 feet
C. 70 feet
4. Rome was built on ___ hills.
A. 4
B. 7
C. 12
5. What are the four biggest cathedrals in Europe?
6. How did the colosseum get it's name?
A. For the emperor who built it.
B. for a statue of colossus outside.
C. It's size.
7. Who was the ruling family in Florence?
A. Borgias
B. Medici
C. Valentinos
8. Where was the David originally?
A. At the Vatican
B. the palace in Florence
C. A piazza in Italy
9. Where was Hitlers eagles nest?
A. Berlin
B. Heidelberg
C. Berchtesgaden 
10. Munich is in _____________?
A. Bavaria
B. Rhineland
C. Saxony
11. Dachau was the first concentration camp opened in Germany. How many years was it open?
A. 1941-1945
12. What is the most visited tourist site in Paris?
A. Eiffel Tower
B. Louvre
C. Disneyland Paris
13. It was said more people died building Versailles and it's gardens than France lost in the wars. True or false.
14. Where are the Crown Jewels held?
A. Buckingham Palace
B. Windsor Castle
C. The Tower of London
15. Who built Windsor and the Tower?
A. Henry VIII
B. Longshanks
C. William the Conquerer
16. What is Big Ben?
A. Clock Tower
B. bell
C. Parliament building

Monday, June 30, 2014

Leaving Europe

I loved the food and flowers all across Europe. The hydrangeas were huge and beautiful. I am excited to be coming home with new memories and lots of stories. See you tonight!

Sunday, June 29, 2014



Leaving Germany and stopping in Luxembourg

The new BMW I8.

We did a Rhine river cruise today. Very fun. The castles all along the river are amazing. Too bad the pictures are on my big camera. 
The umbrella street. We did go to the American cemetery where General Patton is buried. It was a very moving experience. Sorry big camara again.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dachau concentration camp

Today was a very solemn day.  "Work will set you free." One of the many lies told by the nazi party. I decided to walk around alone. It was a very reverent place and I felt so overcome. I cried thinking of the atrocities that were committed here. I cried because I work with one of the men who was part of the occupation in charge of cleaning up Dachau. What a horrible job. He use to take the kids on this trip. When they would come to Dachau he would stay on the bus. He said after what he had seen here, he never wanted to see it again. We owe so much to the generations before us. They suffered tremendously for our freedom. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany

It has been quite a long day. We spent the last two days doing quite a bit of driving. We drove from Florence to lake como. Today we are driving from Lake Como to neushwastein castle and then to Innsbruck, Austria. The drivers in Europe have chips in the bus that does not allow them to drive too much. We have been making frequent stops to keep him on with the schedule. If he chooses to override his system, and he police pull him over, they an check the bus chip. If he is not inline with the law, he gets a $800 euro fine. That's quite brutal. How many tickets would dad have? Our tour director is from Germany but lives in the Greek islands with her English husband. She is currently giving us a good history of Germany. It's quite interesting to actually be here. What beautiful mountains and green pastures. The castle is quite large, I am impressed by the fairy tale like setting. I found kinder eggs at the gas station. I remember them from when I was a little girl. I will try and bring some home for the kidlets. 

My dogs are barking!!! 


Bratwurst and sauerkraut.
Glockenspiel in Munich.

Curry wurst. Very delicious. 

Salt mining in Berchtesgaden. We went into the mine riding a train. Sliding down slides(banisters) and riding on an underground lake. It was awesome. Dad would have loved it. 

The hills are alive

Neushwanstein castle. I had an awful time hiking up that hill. It was a near death experience for me. I had left my inhaler on the bus and when I got back to take a few sweet puffs it was like drinking from the fountain of youth. I say never again. We then spent the night in Innsbruck. What a beautiful view. No photos do it justice. I wish you were all here.

Pisa, Lake Como and hotel belvedere