Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day in Calgary

 Sara and I had the day to spend in Calgary. The road our hotel is on, leads you directly into downtown. We happened upon the city during lunch time. It was extremely busy. We headed to the botanical garden, which was a disappointment. We thought it would be like the gardens in D.C. Well it is just like a extra eating area in the mall. We decided to take a stroll down through Stephen Street to the Olympic Park. 
 Sara walked around the park and took pictures of all the pretty flowers. It felt like a nice fall day. The flowers were gorgeous.
 You could see the top of the tower, which was built to hold the torch during the Olympics. It is not the tallest building in the city. 
 This is the newest building in the city. It is just full of offices. We did decide that the majority of Calgarians live right in downtown. It was packed with people. We haven't seen very many houses outside of the city.  

 The Olympic park, where they awarded the medals.

We head out for Banff in the morning. I am excited to see the Canadian Rockies. Hopefully, we will have service in Banff so we can blog again.