Monday, March 18, 2013

First Temple in Honduras is Dedicated, and Mission Farewell

I am so happy right now. The 12 hour journey that was previously required is now a two hour trip. I have so enjoyed watching the articles on facebook and in the news about the Open House and Dedication. All of the pictures that have been posted by the members are wonderful. It has made me extremely homesick for Honduras.

 The Fauverettes, one last picture before our Tenny leaves us. We have some German Exchange Students who arrived this morning. They have assured me that she will LOVE Frankfurt. They said if she can't learn German that everyone will grin and bear her English, how reassuring.
I think this is our first family photo since the 4-H use to take them at the Courthouse. That was many moons ago. I am looking at the pictures and growing very sentimental. I am going to miss Tennyson, but I am so glad the she is going on a mission.

I thought I might post a few pictures of other things that I have been doing. I have become a dedicated Soccer Mom. You guys should know, I love my students so much. I spend my week days with them, and now my Saturdays because Rugby has started. I think I like Rugby more than football.