Thursday, February 7, 2013

Still Loving It.

I was helping one of my students fill out his mission papers today. I love that I get to be part of this pre-mission experience with so many people. I ran across this video and it just brings me to tears. What a marvelous generation I have the privilege to work with. We are so blessed to live at a time when the Lord has poured out His Spirit upon the youth. They are so strong and valiant. They have answered the call to serve and it fills my eyes with tears to know that so many lives will be changed  because of these amazing missionaries. I am trying to emotionally prepare myself for the coming weeks. Let just say I have been a wreck so far.


The Schauerhamers said...

I just shared this on FB. I loved it and I cried through the entire 14 minutes! Such a good feeling to know that these young kids are willing to go and serve the Lord.

sara said...

It's hard to keep back the tears. All so exciting. Just think that is happening with kids all over the state not to mention, the world.