Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stand for the Silent

I am feeling very emotional tonight. I was assigned by the school to chaperon a bus of 40 ninth graders to see a movie today. I had tried to prepare myself the night before, but I didn't anticipate everything. The kids were great, it was the movie that affected  me. I have tender feelings on the subject, because it hits close to home. On some level I know how the kids are feeling that are documented in this movie, and it breaks my heart. Bully, is a movie about the crisis that American schools are facing. We are being inundated by children with the attitude of , "survival of the fittest." It makes me ponder where is the compassion, where is the love that we should feel one to another. We are missing opportunities to teach our children and they are turning into menaces of society. Working in the school system I get to see first hand the effects of bullying everyday. My first year working in the school districts, two of our seventh grade boys(12 years old) were bullied at school, and as a result took their own lives. It was a shock to us all, and certainly changed the way we handled things at the middle school. I experienced it myself all through school. I, like the kids didn't tell people how bad it was, because you want to pretend that it will be okay. I remember distinctly in 3rd grade the kids started calling me "elephant" and trying to trip me on the playground. I like the kids hit a breaking point, but it was when the kids in my class took it too far. I couldn't defend myself but when they bullied my friend, I punched one of them in the stomach. luckily for me, I was not suspended. My teacher was a kind lady and pretended not to see. He left me alone for awhile. The older kids would tease me and throw snowballs at me. Ben once stood up for me, and threw snowballs back at them, and he was given a citation by the teacher on duty. He was trying to defend me from the bullies, and he was penalized. Kids would take the swings away(by pushing me off, sometimes on to my face) from me at recess, and I would smile and say, " Don't worry you can have it." I thought this would make them like me. My lunch box was smashed and ice was thrown at me that split my skin above my eye.  In Jr.high they would yell things at me in the hall or as I got on or off the bus. They wouldn't let me sit by them, and so I always sat in the front seat, by the driver. In class boys would sit behind me and spit things into my hair.  In High School on my sixteenth birthday, my friends decorated my locker. I was so happy, it made me feel so special. Then a bunch of Senior boys walked up and said who's birthday is it? When I said that it was mine, they all startedaughing and said, " never mind, we don't want to ask you out." What is a girl suppose to think? I felt worthless and invisible. I could write more, but its making me too upset. I thought I had suppressed most of these emotions, but this movie brought them all back. I am more determined that ever, to make sure that this stops happening to children. They are precious spirits who should be cherished. I have joined the cause and will stand for the silent. I feel more than ever that Heavenly Father has guided me down the right path. I will continue to pursue my goal to complete my Master Degree in Administration.  Things must be changed, and I can make a difference. I encourage everyone to see this movie. It will make you cringe and feel a little rage. We have to be the ones to stop this problem. I have posted two clips for this movie. Please watch them and tell me what you think. They will only help you picture what the movie is about, but its a start.

This movie will cause a permanent scar, and will make you want to change what you see around you. I am sorry if this post was very personal. I felt that it needed to be written, so we can help the future generations.