Monday, July 30, 2012

Make it a Good Day!

July has officially been the most crazy month of this year. Thinking about it, it maybe the craziest in a few years. It has flown by and I have had so much fun! On any given night you can find me at Soccer games, Imax movies, the drive-in, or perhaps a concert or two. I am working hard to make everyday a good day. Some of you know that I attended the Neil Diamond Concert. I have been made fun of, but I must admit it was a cool concert. We had a lot of fun. Now, you guys get to enjoy my poor camera skills. Mom, you should know that your birthday was declared by Governor Herbert, to be Neil Diamond Day in Utah. You are SO Lucky!

I'm frustrated, I recorded America and Sweet Caroline for all of you, and I cannot get them to upload. I guess if you want to hear them you need to listen to them with me. I look like a dork in these pictures but since I must prove I was there, Kelly was nice enough to provide these for us.
In other news, you are now reading the blog of the Assistant to Principal at Highland High School!!!! I don't think this day could get any better, but we shall see.