Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer is Fast Approaching

 Banner came to visit this weekend. She and Hannah had a little fun with a mustache I had in my car. Silly girls!

 Essie and her scary face. Which can quickly transition into.....
 her super excited face. 
 Maren was kind enough to model in a few shots for the cupcake stand blog. She was very careful not to stain her new ballet costume. Which by the way is adorable. 

 Les was kind enough to take a shot of me while I wasn't looking. My hair looks kinda frizzy. I need to take care of that. 
 Essie making her own smore. It was a little process for her. 
 Hearing wise council from Sara about why we shouldn't cut our own hair. She looks like she listened to every word. 
 Sara learned a valuable lesson later that evening. You can't balance a bowl on your chest, without a spill. 
Luckily she was able to save some of the salad. We had a great weekend, and I am loving this warm weather. I have enjoyed walks through Temple Square the last two days. The flowers are spectacular, and the International Art competition exhibit at the Museum is worth seeing. I recommend it to all. 


Stacy said...

Ha, ha! Doing the balance on your chest is pretty hard and takes complete concentration!

Tennyson said...

Those mustache pictures are the best I've ever seen. Miranda and I were busting a gut.

Alan and Shelley said...

I sure did like that cupcake stand. Good job on the tutorial. Now about Sara.... I know her bazooms are on the larger side, but I have never heard of someone actually thinking they can carry side dishes on them. Unfortunately it looked like a very tasty salad. And did Es cut her own hair? I wonder why little girls feel so compelled. Lily cut up her mom and dad's comforter last week with her new pink birthday scissors. I had a feeling when I bought them that it was going to be a risky gift.

liz and dennis said...

great pictures, your cupcakes are beautiful and cupcake stand was charming. glad to see pictures of everyone. i will exercise restraint and leave unspoken all the thoughts that have occurred to me on the hubris of large busted women.