Monday, March 26, 2012

What are the Odds?

Some of you may know that my roommate has been waiting for her mission call. Prepare yourselves for a shocker. Watch this video and enjoy. Leave you comments to tell me what you think. Lets just say tears have been shed all day long. 


Alan and Shelley said...

Well, I couldn't understand anything anyone said because of the shouting and laughing. Then also, because I don't know your roommate and her background, I couldn't imagine what all the emotion was about. I couldn't even tell if she was happy or sad. So, your video kept me in the dark.

Whit said...

She laughed when she initially saw it, then started to cry. She was called to serve in the San Pedro Sula, Honduras mission.

sara said...

That is so fortunate to have access to a person that can tell her all about it. The good and the bad. That is every pre-missionaries dream, to have someone to talk to about the country. Isn't is amazing how the Lord works and how His plans come together. It's all so amazing.