Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Memories of December

I thought some of you  might like to see what we did in December. At last I remembered to do a blog about it. We bought tickets to Ballet West. The clarity of the first picture is bad right, I was taking the picture, when I was informed by an usher that it was against policy to allow pictures in the theater. Who knew?  Oops. The ballet was great. We then braved the cold, and ventured to Temple Square. Banner and Tennyson had never been to see the lights. We enjoyed a very hearty meal at the Lion House, where we met up with Noah and Becky. If you notice a Muslim Banner, she took the scarf because it was all we were willing to spare to keep her warm. She was not prepared for the cold, the temps did drop very fast. We walked all around, seeking shelter when ever we passed a building. What a great weekend. Just for your information, I am loving the new blogger setup. 

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