Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Its never too early to start getting things ready for Christmas. I had some extra time this evening so I whipped up a few things. I bought the frame for $15.00 about a month ago. I painted with a aqua spray paint, and then used my glaze to give it a more antique look.  I initially found them for $65.00 on ETSY.  I think that's called a rip-off. I painted the insert with chalkboard paint so that I could have fun with different sayings. I got the other crafts at Wood Connection. I just bought the letters for Jolly separately and then found some coordinating papers at a scrapbook store. I painted to "O" and while the paint was wet, I pressed glitter onto it. I continue with my obsession for Subway art. I got a shadow box and painted it white. I glued the paper to the front of it and then applied the vinyl. I added the ribbon so that it would kinda look like a gift.
The pictures at the top are of a Lemon Poppy seed cake. I made it last Sunday, It turned out perfect! I love that cake, so moist and the lemon flavor is delicious.  

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