Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tutorials for Everything

 To begin, take one used book. I picked one up a DI for two dollars. I wanted an old book so the pages would appear very worn. If you don't like the thought of destroying a book, quit reading here....

 Take three or four pages and tear them out. 

 Draw a swirl pattern starting in the middle of the book. Try and keep the lines evenly spaced, so your flower is the same all the way around. 

 Here is the close up of the lines. I drew it in a pink pen, so it doesn't show up very well in the pictures. Start on the outside edge and start cutting it around. 
 It will look like this when you are done cutting. 
 Line up the edges, so that you can begin rolling them together. 

 You will roll the center really tight, and then loosen up as you get farther out. 

 Keep rolling. 
 Now you have the nice round center at the bottom of the flower shape. Fill the bottom with hot glue, and then push the round part over the glue. This helps keep the whole thing together and stable. 

 This is the result of one flower. Aren't they cute?

 Are you now prepared to make a hundred or so of these? If you are then you can proceed with the project.

 When you have a few done, then you can begin hot gluing them onto a wreath form. 

 Are you starting to get the picture?

Almost finished product. I wasn't going to have time to finish the whole thing so I wrapped some pages around the rest of the wreath. I will continue to fill it in when I get the time. These wreaths(although much smaller than mine) are being sold on $40.00 or more on Etsy. I think its going to be quite lovely. Now you can see why I may have gotten a few burns. In case are are interested my finger is doing better. I am receiving treatment from my roommate, Brittany, who works in the Burn Unit. Lucky I have here to look after me when I make foolish mistakes. 

Next, I made a delicious soup from Pioneer Woman cooks for a Relief Society Activity. I decided that in October we should have a Soup Social. I haven't really got a committee so I have to plan ahead and get everything done myself. 

This Recipe is Carrot and Yellow Squash Curry Soup:

Cut up one onion. Five cloves of garlic, three carrots, and four yellow squash. You cook the onions and garlic in 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Let them cook for a few minutes and then add the carrots. Cook the carrots for 3 minutes or until they are starting to get soft. Then add the squash. Let all the cook for about five minutes. 

Add a tablespoon of curry powder. 

 It's looking tasty. 
Now add two boxes of Chicken broth. Then put the lid on and cook for one hour. 
 Open the lid, and it looks exceptional. 

 Put in blender and puree. 
 Put it back in the pot and let it warm up again. It has a little kick, so I recommend letting people add a little cream. I think the consensus is, its the most amazing soup. Its a definite keeper. The girls loved it. 

To top it off, hot rolls from the oven. 
Although we didn't have a bunch of girls come, the ones that did were well fed and happy. 
Enjoy your Saturday!!!

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Alan and Shelley said...

Clever Whit, it looks like you need to have a strong constitution in order to make the floral wreath