Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Greetings to all you who are enjoying this lovely fall evening. I write to you from the confines of my room. I have put myself on house arrest, because I have been struck by an awful bug. I thought I may as well update you on the wonderful Saturday evening at my house. I decided this year that I would throw together a Halloween party. I slowly got my roommates excited about the idea, and the plan was put into motion. I guess you can see for yourself the fun that was had by all. 

Is that Mrs. Claus dancing? Yes, Yes it is. 
I hope that everyone else is out getting some candy and enjoying the festivities of Halloween. 


Alan and Shelley said...

Looks like fun. I guess you were wii dancing at the end of the party? Alan and I major boring, no parties, no trick or treaters, just us and the tv. Sack has gone to play indoor soccer and M & A are home because M has a terrible bad back. She can hardly walk. Leah and Lily got too much candy and then came here for dinner. They were the cutesy princesses with beautiful painted masks. All good fun! Happy Halloween!

sara said...

Looks like you had quite the bash. I can't really tel who anyone is. I guess that means the costumes were really good. What was Noah supposed to be? Hope you are feeling better soon.