Monday, August 15, 2011

End of Summer Adventures

 This is the Car Seat Cover that I made for Julie's little girls, Kaestli. I think for not following a pattern, it turned out quite cute.

 Banner wandering off in the Sand Dunes. We had a great time out riding together. We laughed so hard, because we about threw ourselves off when I hit some human size washboards too fast. 
 Next, an adventure to Cave Falls. It was a very pleasant day, except that I got attacked by Mosquitoes. My face still itches. 

 Banner and Lily. They were little buddies on this vacation. 
Remember this hair, it is going to be chopped soon. I can't decide on the exact style, but....what do you think?


Jennifer said...

I like the finishing touches on the car seat cover. Your hair will be lovely no matter how you cut it.

sara said...

Why not keep a little length on it. It is so long and despite how you feel. It looks really good. Speaking of hair I am going to see Autumn tonight. Goodbye gray.