Monday, May 2, 2011

Graduation Plans

Please join us as we celebrate the Graduation of
Whitney Marie Fauver
from the University of Utah
Friday, the sixth of May Two Thousand and Eleven
at the Huntsman Center 

The graduations are officially Friday May 6th, at the Huntsman Center at the University of Utah. The first is the University of Utah Commencement at 9am, followed by the Humanities Ceremony at 1:45pm. I know there was some confusion over the date and time, but this is all final details. I have notified you of all other plans, or will by phone.


Tyler and Jess said...

CONGRATS!!! You rock!!

The Schauerhamers said...

Yay! Whit! I am proud of you, sorry we weren't able to see you this past weekend it was such a short trip and we barely made it to see my side of the family for about an hour. Hope your singing in Stake conference was fantastic, I'm sure it was. Well I wish we could come down for commencement but we are in the thick of things here at the farm but I think on the 6th, in your honor, we will have loads and loads of shrimp at our ward's shrimp social. Have a great and wonderful graduation day! I love you and wish you the best of luck finding that perfect job after all your hard work!

Alan and Shelley said...

Congratulations! Another one from the "U" to keep up with grandpa. I wish we could help you celebrate, but we don't get to come down yet. I'll see you maybe before I leave for England. Anyway, good for you, and good luck in job hunting and schooling.