Monday, May 9, 2011

The Good Life

It has been three days since my graduation. Friday was such a good day. I was overcome by my emotions several times throughout the day. I have got my wits about me today and I feel like writing about it. It was surreal for me to be finally reaching the pinnacle of my education. It was something that I had set as my highest goal for so long, it has been hard to see past it. It was a little bit unbelievable that it had finally happened. Thus, the emotional roller coaster that I was on. I have been put into a new ward, and yesterday was our first Sunday to attend. I feel like this is a good thing, and I am committed to being more active in the activities. I hope that the Bishop will feel inspired to call me to the perfect calling. If that calling exists? I went to the dermatologist today, I had a few skin issues. The patch on my arm, is still undetermined. He is going to have me try some creams and see what it looks like in a few weeks. I had the kids favorite mole on my neck sliced off. Sorry to anyone who  might miss it. My goal of never having stitches was dashed today, and I feel kinda depressed about that. I have four stitches on my back. Yes, the cysts that provided entertainment for many, is now a thing of the past. He took a punch and twisted into my back and removed the sack of....whatever. He let me look at it a few times, it looked liked a spiders sack of babies. It was really deep down in my back, it looked like just under and inch of skin and then the cyst. He is going to run some tests on my mole, and I have to go back in ten days for my stitches to be removed. It has been an eventful week, and I am looking forward to the future. I don't know what my plan is, I haven't written anything in stone...yet.


Jennifer said...

I really wish I could've seen the Dr. remove the cyst. I hope he figures out what is going on with your arm. Friday was a wonderful day for me too.

sara said...

I also was thinking how cool that would have been to see. Wondering if I should have mine removed but I kind of like playing with it. I know I am sort of sick. Any calling has its moments of perfection and then you just deal with it the rest of the time. I got my new camera. It might be a twin of yours. Not sure yet. I love it already. It is charging so I can get going on learning how to use it for the big trip.