Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remake: An Old Favorite

Posted by PicasaDoes anyone remember this dresser? I have been stalking some design blogs for a couple of weeks. It inspired me to take some of my families old furniture and redesign it. I had to fix a couple broken parts, and then I took it apart. I primed each piece, and then painted them a dover white. I used a dark brown glaze(someone else had chosen the color but didn't like it) I got it for half price at Magnusons. I applied it on the dry paint, and then wiped it with a damp cloth. It turned out really cute. I can't wait to get some old glass handles on the doors.
Total cost:
 1 can of primer-$4.00
4 cans spray paint-$15.00
New Hardware-$16.00
= $35.00 and a brand new dresser!

I attended a information session about Picasa hosted by Morgan. I think I know have a handle on how to edit my own photos. How exciting!

You should all be waiting anxiously for my next project. Yes, it does involve the color pink.


Alan and Shelley said...

Very nice Whitney. I wish you had posted before and after pictures. I know it's hard to remember to do that. I might have some hardware, but not sure what I did with the old handles off the dresser in the little bedroom. If I find them, I will let you know. They were glass, if I remember right, but it will cost you a trip to Idaho.

Whit said...

Gosh, a trip to Idaho. Done. I have the before pictures in Salt Lake. I will repost them next week. I just was so excited to get these up, and didn't want to wait.

Stacy said...

It looks great whit!

The Schauerhamers said...

I LOVE IT!!! WAY TO GO WHIT! So cute, so I guess you will be coming to Idaho soon?????? Please do, My dad was telling me that there are cute glass knobs at Porters, your favorite store in ID. Well I await your arrival... :) Once again very impressed by your work, I look forward to seeing more projects and way to go on the Picasa! Applause all the way around!

Miranda Shurtliff said...

I remember it, why do I remember it? Oh because it's mine. Is the pregnant lady still on the inside cover?
Thanks for your help on the job stuff..

Anne Adele said...

Why was there a picture of a pregnant lady on the inside of the old cabinet? Miranda? Whitney? The cabinet looks great. YOu should be proud of your creativity and your work.

Whit said...

The pregnant lady was a crayon drawing done by a very young Miranda. It is still very much visible.