Friday, January 21, 2011

Before Pics

These are the before pics of the dresser. It does have the clamps that I was using to fix the door. It took some minor reconstruction to make the door functional again. I'm happy with the way that it turned out.

Funny quote of the day: " I was thinking about indignant males. I am one." None other than our funny Jonas. He said this to me after he had read the word indignant in his Isaac Newton book. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remake: An Old Favorite

Posted by PicasaDoes anyone remember this dresser? I have been stalking some design blogs for a couple of weeks. It inspired me to take some of my families old furniture and redesign it. I had to fix a couple broken parts, and then I took it apart. I primed each piece, and then painted them a dover white. I used a dark brown glaze(someone else had chosen the color but didn't like it) I got it for half price at Magnusons. I applied it on the dry paint, and then wiped it with a damp cloth. It turned out really cute. I can't wait to get some old glass handles on the doors.
Total cost:
 1 can of primer-$4.00
4 cans spray paint-$15.00
New Hardware-$16.00
= $35.00 and a brand new dresser!

I attended a information session about Picasa hosted by Morgan. I think I know have a handle on how to edit my own photos. How exciting!

You should all be waiting anxiously for my next project. Yes, it does involve the color pink.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ever a Procrastinator

I have had an issue with procrastination since my days as a wee lass. I always set the goal that I won't do it anymore, but alas I can't seem to break the chain. So, blog posts rarely ever happen, homework gets saved till the last possible second, and writing missionaries happens at midnight. Not cool. The plus side(if you can call it that) It did help me to get good at writing 5 page papers in under two hours. Quite the achievement. Now, I really need to be on top of things or else...I will regret it. I am getting ready to take the Foreign Service Exam in February, the GRE as soon as possible, and doing grad school applications. Luckily, I have a little bit of time, but not a huge amount. I have to remind myself daily to stay on top of stuff. 2011 is the year that I have to make life improvement my priority. They always get pushed to the back burner, because as was brought to my attention this week, again, I feel like I don't deserve good things and if it doesn't come easy for me, I hate it. I should have a permanent chant going in my head, "Not everything is easy, most everything is hard."   Maybe then I would get more done.
I have set several goals for this year, and I need to get them written down somewhere that I can be held accountable.
1. Stick to the plan(you are paying for it).
2. Exercise daily. I am horrible at this.
3. Spend more time doing social things. I roll my eyes when I think about this one.
4. Make every fast a spiritual experience. Cleanse my inner vessel.
5. Think less about things I want now, and think about what I want in the future. This will cause me to save more? I hope.
6. Walk in the U's commencement ceremony, wearing a beautiful bright pink lei.
7. Be a good example for the kids at the middle school. Meaning, if I don't want them to procrastinate, I shall not do it either.
8. Watch Jimmer play as much as I can. I don't think I have seen a better player. So excited to see all he can do.
As the year goes on, I will be adding to that list, and hope to cross them off, or change them to a more improved goal for next year.