Saturday, October 9, 2010

Korean BBQ

We ventured out for Dinner tonight, and went as far as next door. We should have left as soon as we didn't understand the greeter, and when we saw everyone was Korean. We couldn't understand the menu, or our waitress who tried to translate it. We did the best we could, and lookie lookie. Yes, it included a whole raw egg. We did our best to try everything. Shelley you can be glad that you weren't eating this. The best part of the meal was the gum they gave us at the door. We had to leave and drive to a Stater Supermarket. We have since learned that we are camped in "Little Korea."

***Check Sara's blog, it has been updated but isn't displaying on the blog list.

And the wedding is still in full swing, next door.


The Schauerhamers said...

not sure how I feel about Korean Food. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even attempted knowing how I am with true Asian food. NOt a fan but I"m glad you guys gave it a shot and if nothing it was an adventure,Right?

Jennifer said...

Did you taste any of the food or were you both big chickens?