Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 6: Traveling to San Diego

 As we were driving away from the Radisson, a great Tears for Fears song came onto the radio. I started thinking I love this song, I have it on my Ipod. Ipod...where is it? I know, its safe in the hotel safe. We had to make a quick turn around, and then allowed me to get it out. I seems the Spirit can whisper to me through music. We made a lunch stop in a quaint little town, which I have been to before. San Juan Capistrano, it is a Spanish Mission town. We had lunch at a Diner that looked over the town. The salad was completely refreshing, after a few days of the fast food in Disney. We headed toward San Diego, confidant that we were going to have some amazing times. We kept along the highway watching for our stop, but we never saw it. We just started seeing the sign that said, "International Border in 30 miles, 15 miles, 10 miles." At this point I called Mom and asked her to help us out. We finally broke down and payed for the navigation system on my phone. It laid out the path for us to backtrack 18 miles, and directly to out hotel door. We were so excited to have finally have arrived. Then we walked into this:
The first room that they sent us into was a real winner. It was like stepping back into the 1950's and not the fun part of them. 

Sara finally got worked up enough to call her travel agent. Amber was nice enough to arrange a new room. We moved from the low of the lows to sunny side of the street. See if you can see a difference? We can't decide what kinda trick they were trying to pull on us. 

We spent the rest of the night using the GPS on my phone to try and find our way around. Sara is going to blog about our experiences from today. We are having a really good time, even if we were sad to say goodbye to Disneyland. 


Anne Adele said...

i agree that it is hard to say goodbye to Disneyland. I had to say goodbye to Disneyland twice. I still cry thinking about it.

Jennifer said...

I love San Juan Capistrano. I guess the google mapquest was right. You were about 17 miles off course.

Miranda Shurtliff said...

Are the four stars you gave me out of five?

Also, you chose your own accommodations. Bet you were wishing for that air mattress at the 50's hotel..

Stacy said...

I love that drive down the coast from LA to San Diego! I miss the ocean! I usually don't but when you talk about it, I do! Your trip looks so fun! The company is the best part though! I am having a great time! We had a bit of Mexicano yesterday, it is better than anything that I have had in SLC. Sad to leave it, I am going to be on the hunt for something like it! When you get back, we will have to show your blogs to the kids since we can't see it from crummy at home! safe travel, xx