Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 4: Lessons Learned

What are Woody and Jesse doing?
What ride does this steep climb belong too?
Do you recognize this ride? It does a good job of soaking its passengers.

We had a very early morning. Part of the that was motivated by the fact that we needed to get Fast passes for The World of Color in California Adventure. We were some of the very first in line, and got to be some of the first twenty in line. We got our passes, and went directly to Soarin over California. We loved it, again. The line was maybe ten minutes because we were there so early. I was able to persuade Sara to ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror. It was exactly that. Sara got so scared on the first drop, and couldn't find her handles that she tried to rip my shirt off. I screamed harder than I have in a long time. It was truly a terrifying ride. We passed from there straight to the California Screamin. Great Roller Coaster. We hung around for lunch at Boudin Sourdough. We had eaten at the Flagship store in San Francisco years ago. It was pretty darn tasty. We had to share some of the leftovers with the ducks. They just looked so hungry. It was then time for us to head over to Disneyland for the day. Lines were long because of the Columbus Day holiday. WE actually didn't end up waiting to long for anything. We don't want to give to many details of where and what rides we were on because, that could give you clues to the quiz. Lets just say Captain EO was entertaining. The original show from 1986 was brought back after Michael Jackson passed away. We had very friendly conversations with people from England, New Zealand and Australia. They all selected Disney as their holiday location. Interesting. We enjoyed the Parade on Mainstreet, then ran over to wait for the World of Color show. It was spectacular. They set fountains all over the Paradise Pier. It was a water show, with images being projected over the water in the air. It was amazing, and kept us riveted.

Bonus Question:
What ride would be considered a bra buster?
a. Matterhorn
b. Captain EO: Tribute
c. The Disneyland Shuttle

P.S. Our dogs are barkin or as Sara says our Bargs are Dockin.

Funny tidbit if you say, "My Neck" with a think southern accent, you would be hearing Sara on our shuttle tonight.


Anne Adele said...

It sounds and looks like you girls are having a great time. What is the significance of the large "F" that you are standing by? The long climb belongs to the Matterhorn and the log flume ride is attatched to our favorite Disney movie of all time. "Charlie the Loathsome Cougar" (inside joke for Seth and Liz. I have no idea what a bra busting ride is. Is it when you go upside down and gravity makes everything fall out of our feminine supports. (by everything I mean the girls we live with or as they are known as in the Jorgensen parlance cuties.) Maybe a bra buster ride is when you go on the ride it makes you so happy you just yell to the world "Take my clothes, this must be heaven." Maybe a bra buster ride is when the ride at Disneyland is so amazing that you take your bra off and slingshot it into the crowds that are still waiting to get on the ride. So hurry tell us what a bra buster is before I come up with anymore silly answers. Far too silly.

The Schauerhamers said...

1. THe matterhorn
2. SPlashmountain
3. b. The disneyland shuttle?

Jennifer said...

Woody and Jessie are doing a square dance.
The Matterhorn
Splash Mountain

Is that big F from the word CALIFORNIA?