Friday, July 16, 2010

One Year Anniversary

At this time one year ago I was sitting on a plane from Miami to Dallas. I was still wearing a missionary tag, and very anxious about the future. I can't believe how quickly time has gone. I am just finishing my 2nd summer semester at the U. I will be graduating in December, and as of yet, I have no plan. It's a very scary outlook. I have been job hunting for a month and a half, but as of yet have not hired. I have been on three interviews in the past week, and none of them have called. It makes me seriously question what in the world is wrong with me. Am I unemployable? I have another interview on Monday, I hope it goes well. I am suppose to be moving into a new place on August 1st. Brittany, Rachel, and Ashley, are moving into a cute house on 4th east. It has some work to be done, but it has alot more room for all of our stuff. I looked into donating plasma yesterday. All the comments and reviews don't say very good things about the places here in Salt Lake, but I think I am going to get very brave and do it next week. I hope my veins will behave for them, because they sure haven't when I have tried to donate blood. I found out yesterday that one of the elders that I served with in Honduras, is now Leslies Ward mission leader. He contacted me yesterday through facebook and we chatted for awhile. He says that her Spanish is very good and that she isn't sunburned. He promised that his mom was making them very good food, and that he was working with them. I told him I would be in contact with him again to check on the situation. I feel better knowing that somebody I know is with her. Although it is weird feeling knowing that she is so far away and still can meet people that know me. She should meet a few more before her mission is over. My mission President is coming into town on Tuesday. I am so excited to see him. My parents and I are going to take him out for dinner on Friday. On Sunday he has requested that I sing in a Spanish Branch where he will be speaking, then Monday we are having all the Rm's over for a party. He was so disappointed when he found out it was only one day to be with the missionaries. I tried to explain that everyone is very busy and can't be with him for a week. Hopefully he will be okay with that:) Its going to be such a happy reunion. I can't wait.
I'm know trying to think of where I will be next year at this time...who knows. I need to come up with a plan soon. Any ideas?


The Schauerhamers said...

YOu know you always have a job here on the farm, every summer for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!! You could come and live in my parents house do a little pipe moving, truck driving, soil sampling, OH MY GOSH YOU COULD TOTALLY TRANSLATE TO OUR HIRED HANDS!! there you go! Or the other option is to be a flagger (the people who hold the STOP/SLOW sign during construction). Andrew says it's good pay and they are hiring on Ashton Mainstreet! Oh so those are your options. Move to Ashton or.... um... Move to Ashton!!!! We could pick huckleberries, go to the park, go swimming, fishing, feed the fish, go to Yellowstone, Jackson (Bubbas and BarJ) um... need I say more? Have I sold you yet? School Schmool! That's what I say!

liz and dennis said...

it made dennis and me very happy to think of you knowing someone in costa rica who is working a little with leslie... and that he thinks her spanish is good because so far we've had only her word for it. so is he from this new area isidro de general? why is his mom feeding the girls? is she their cook or did she just invite them over? i bet they had quite a conversation about you, huh? i remember you said you thought the ticos were the stuck up missionaries. is he one of those? i think her work in pedez (or whatever the heck they call this place) is harder than in san carlos. i'm always wanting to know more than she tells us.
as for you, good luck with your job hunting. i know if you persevere you will find something. you have to want it. (that's from a movie, i think).

Stacy said...

This day a year ago is a bit bittersweet for me. It was a fantasic party last year for Maren and then the airport was so great.
It is sad to think how much has changed since last year. The big think that my dad celebrated with us last year.
As for the rest of your blog. Don't worry so much about it. That's Bridgette's philosophy!