Monday, February 8, 2010


I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines week. I made my card for Leslie this morning, and I hope she enjoys all the sparkles. I am chopping off my hair tomorrow, and I will post pics soon.

I decided that I wanted to post a few questions from my history classes, just to see who remembers their stuff.

1. What was the Bear River Massacre?(Read the Deseret News, Today)

2. What was the focal point(location) of the Cold War?

3. Did the Mormons ever issue an extermination order against anyone?

4. Where was I at last Valentines Day? Hint....see the picture.

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Anne Adele said...

Seth's answers

1. BRM was when the slaughterd bears stained the river red. (remember slaughter cant be spelt without laughter) the bears had a great time dying, they laughed more than they have hairs.

2. The cold war is still going today, the ruskies are playing dirty tricks on the american atmosphere. BRRRRR!!!

3. yes upon those ruskie bears at bear river.

4. somewhere south of mexico???
starts with an H and might end with and onduras. cant remember for sure though.