Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have and Have Nots

Well, I haven't done anything of note lately and by the state of our blogs...I'm guessing ya'll haven't either. I have made it through two weeks of school. I have not done all my homework. I have been assigned to read over 80 pages a night. I have not found that entertaining. I have fallen in love with my Utah History class. I have not ever had a LDS Professor until this semester. I have recieved news that my roommate is moving out. I have not found a new roommate, yet. I have spent more time with Ashley. I have not had so much fun with some my age for a long time. I have signed up for an institute class. I have not enjoyed an institute class this much...ever. I have worked out everyday for two weeks. I have not ever felt so good. I have been struggling to sleep. I have not considered sleeping pills. I have loved this new semester. I have not decided if that feeling will stick. I have been getting so excited for Spring. I have not liked the inversion. I have got a job interview on Monday. I have not an idea what they may ask or what I will wear. I'm feeling good because A. I went to school. B. Met a potential roommate. C. Gone to the temple. D. Remembered Grandma and the special moments we had together. E. Gone swimming for half and hour. Now I just need to get a good night of sleep. Can't wait to hear from all of you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It was the BEST of times, and the worst... :)

I had mission party on Friday. May I say that I haven't had that much fun in so long. I love being with these guys. I won't go through naming them all, but I'm sure you have heard me talk about some of them. We played soccer for hours, and remembered the good time in Honduras. I can't wait until we get together again in the summer. On sunday I am going to go to Sean Merkleys homecoming(we were in the MTC together). I love that guy.
The worst of times, I had to say goodbye to them for a little while and I start school again on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the routine, but not all of the papers and tests. I remind myself that I only have to do this a few more times. At least I'm closer than most of the guys in the picture. sigh of relief. I've set new goals for my spiritual, mental, social and physical health. This new year means a new me. I look forward to all of the new experiences.