Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

 Tennyson enjoying the popcorn Glendon and Bobette sent to us. The can is half the size of her body. 
 The cover of the book that I made for Liz and Dennis. Hopefully, she will upload more photos later. 
 The traditional Wii tournament. After much trash talk, I think many were humbled by their poor performances.

The only person that wraps present for themselves and is still surprised when he opens it. That spotlight is bright enough to blind someone in Ferron. 15,000,000 candle watts. Scary. Tennyson has a look of concern, it may be used to track her movements around the county or as maybe just as she pulls into the driveway late at night. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Check this out

So, Sara is once again having blog issues. Please look at her Christmas blog. I on the other hand do not really have time to blog....ever. I have been keeping busy with end of the semester madness. That would include a 30 page research paper, a 7 page analysis, and 3 finals. Add to that 2 jobs, and you have me. The above picture is of what I did tonight. Working with Jacob we completed a very merry and bright gingerbread house!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Look at Saras Blog

For some reason we can't get it to update on the blog lists, but she has done a new post.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't know if it is a real medical condition, but I feel some real senioritis setting in. Besides the fact that I am battling a cold, I am also trying to convince myself that school will end, and I will get everything done. I have been very busy and seems like I won't be getting a real break for quite awhile. I need to write two papers by Thursday, and at least four more after that. I assume thats the life of every history major. I walked home in the snow today. It was cold, and beautiful. It took me about an hour to get from campus to my house, I was walking very carefully. We all know I have a tendency to lose my balance, and end up on the ground. Luckily, that hasn't happened today. Eva is still spoiled, but I did trim my her front nails. She was livid. She tried to make me jealous but being buddy buddy with my roommate. Right now she is sleeping between my legs. At least she isn't biting my feet! My roommates and I are making a real effort to be part of our ward, and we are actually enjoying ourselves. We were in charge of the treats at Family Home Evening last night. I made different kinds of Rice Krispies. They were tasty. I can't wait for Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 6: Traveling to San Diego

 As we were driving away from the Radisson, a great Tears for Fears song came onto the radio. I started thinking I love this song, I have it on my Ipod. Ipod...where is it? I know, its safe in the hotel safe. We had to make a quick turn around, and then allowed me to get it out. I seems the Spirit can whisper to me through music. We made a lunch stop in a quaint little town, which I have been to before. San Juan Capistrano, it is a Spanish Mission town. We had lunch at a Diner that looked over the town. The salad was completely refreshing, after a few days of the fast food in Disney. We headed toward San Diego, confidant that we were going to have some amazing times. We kept along the highway watching for our stop, but we never saw it. We just started seeing the sign that said, "International Border in 30 miles, 15 miles, 10 miles." At this point I called Mom and asked her to help us out. We finally broke down and payed for the navigation system on my phone. It laid out the path for us to backtrack 18 miles, and directly to out hotel door. We were so excited to have finally have arrived. Then we walked into this:
The first room that they sent us into was a real winner. It was like stepping back into the 1950's and not the fun part of them. 

Sara finally got worked up enough to call her travel agent. Amber was nice enough to arrange a new room. We moved from the low of the lows to sunny side of the street. See if you can see a difference? We can't decide what kinda trick they were trying to pull on us. 

We spent the rest of the night using the GPS on my phone to try and find our way around. Sara is going to blog about our experiences from today. We are having a really good time, even if we were sad to say goodbye to Disneyland. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 4: Lessons Learned

What are Woody and Jesse doing?
What ride does this steep climb belong too?
Do you recognize this ride? It does a good job of soaking its passengers.

We had a very early morning. Part of the that was motivated by the fact that we needed to get Fast passes for The World of Color in California Adventure. We were some of the very first in line, and got to be some of the first twenty in line. We got our passes, and went directly to Soarin over California. We loved it, again. The line was maybe ten minutes because we were there so early. I was able to persuade Sara to ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror. It was exactly that. Sara got so scared on the first drop, and couldn't find her handles that she tried to rip my shirt off. I screamed harder than I have in a long time. It was truly a terrifying ride. We passed from there straight to the California Screamin. Great Roller Coaster. We hung around for lunch at Boudin Sourdough. We had eaten at the Flagship store in San Francisco years ago. It was pretty darn tasty. We had to share some of the leftovers with the ducks. They just looked so hungry. It was then time for us to head over to Disneyland for the day. Lines were long because of the Columbus Day holiday. WE actually didn't end up waiting to long for anything. We don't want to give to many details of where and what rides we were on because, that could give you clues to the quiz. Lets just say Captain EO was entertaining. The original show from 1986 was brought back after Michael Jackson passed away. We had very friendly conversations with people from England, New Zealand and Australia. They all selected Disney as their holiday location. Interesting. We enjoyed the Parade on Mainstreet, then ran over to wait for the World of Color show. It was spectacular. They set fountains all over the Paradise Pier. It was a water show, with images being projected over the water in the air. It was amazing, and kept us riveted.

Bonus Question:
What ride would be considered a bra buster?
a. Matterhorn
b. Captain EO: Tribute
c. The Disneyland Shuttle

P.S. Our dogs are barkin or as Sara says our Bargs are Dockin.

Funny tidbit if you say, "My Neck" with a think southern accent, you would be hearing Sara on our shuttle tonight.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Korean BBQ

We ventured out for Dinner tonight, and went as far as next door. We should have left as soon as we didn't understand the greeter, and when we saw everyone was Korean. We couldn't understand the menu, or our waitress who tried to translate it. We did the best we could, and lookie lookie. Yes, it included a whole raw egg. We did our best to try everything. Shelley you can be glad that you weren't eating this. The best part of the meal was the gum they gave us at the door. We had to leave and drive to a Stater Supermarket. We have since learned that we are camped in "Little Korea."

***Check Sara's blog, it has been updated but isn't displaying on the blog list.

And the wedding is still in full swing, next door.

Day 1: Miranda's Birthday

As you can see we were lucky enough to book a room at the Stratford 2. Little did I know, the accommodations were good for Sara but not for me. I was on a air mattress that was deflated by 1 am. Sound familiar? Overall, I would give it 4 stars because of the food and good company.

Sara and I started leg one of the journey by leaving Salt Lake at 3:30pm. We both had to work, and so therefore we started late. I also was a little nervous to leave behind little Eva, but the Jorgensen's assured me she was in good hands. I hope you are having fun!! We got to Cedar City, just in time to celebrate Miranda 23rd birthday with her. She had worked hard and prepared her own Birthday feast. As you can see the food was delicious. Happy Birthday Miranda.

Now, to entice all of you to follow our daily blogs, we will be be offering a quiz question everyday. The person with the most correct response will receive a gift from the wonderful land of Disney.


1. On which attraction do you see a piano playing itself?
a. Splash Mountain
b. Pirates of the Caribbean
c. Disney's Music Hall
d. Mr. Toads Wild Ride

2. Which attraction travels the most distance at Disneyland? (hint: one word)

3. When first entering California Adventure, what famous landmark can be seen above your head? (three words)

We will be switching on the blogs with me doing one day and Sara the next. Submit your comments everyday and we will review them.
Check her blog later tonight for today's journey notes.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Introducing Eva Suyapa

I went to my mission reunion last Friday, and came home with a stronger testimony.......nope, well that and a Kitten. They were going to put her out on the road, and I knew what came after that. I couldn't take it. So, I brought her home. She enjoyed her weekend with the kids, and now she is just with me. Lets just say we've learned how to fit two of us in my bed. My sleep schedule is now changed, because she liked to be up at five thirty. Which means its time to play. I have decided that I should get up and study the scriptures as long as I am up. I read on the internet that you shouldn't put them outside by themselves until they are ten weeks old. So we have to endure for a few more weeks. She is so cute. We are bonding very well, as you can see. She has the spots that she likes to sleep.
I'm very busy with school and work. I am in Midterm week, and trying to rededicate myself to studying. Yikes!!
Sara and I are taking our road trip this Friday, and I am super excited. I bet you can't wait to see all the pictures.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Activities and Tomato Basil Pie. Yum!

Cantaloupe is tasty.
Lily waiting patiently for her third lunch.
Mission Reunion at Saras House. We had activities most of the week. It was do good to see everyone again.
The gangs all here.

We celebrated Lizzy and Dennis's 32nd Anniversary. They both had to work, so we made dinner and decorated a cake.
Leah really, really, really enjoyed it.
Lily, has found her new best friend. Everyday when he got home from work she was so excited to see him. She would stand and wave her hand signaling that he was to come to her and pick her up. Best Buds.

We've got Lily with a Cowboy hat and Poncho, it seems fitting.
These are the ingredients. Tomatoes, Basil, Olive oil, Garlic, Crescent Rolls, and Provolone Cheese.
Make a Basil and Garlic infused olive oil. Just add them all together in the pan, and let it warm up. Its going to smell great.
Spread out one can of rolls in a pie tin, and then poke them with a fork. Stick them in the oven for 15 minutes at 350.
Cut up all of your tomatoes. You are now going to alternating layers of cheese and tomatoes. Since I couldn't figure out how to move my pictures, the final pic is the completed pie in the beginning. You top the tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and the olive oil and basil. Bake it until the cheese is melted. Its a refreshing dish, that uses to of my favorite flavors. Enjoy it.