Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things I Want to Do This December

I am so excited to go and see the lights. I don't believe I have gone since I was in Elementary school. Its going to be amazing. I can't wait.
I want to make many Christmas treats. I may or may not eat them, but I want to see them on a plate. Some weird thing I have a about food. I can't decide what food to make, and so I end up just eating bread and peanut butter. I can't seem to get goodies out of my mind. Good Treats!

Going to Gardner Village. It is a happy place, that has the friendliest elves. Aren't they cute. I'm so glad Sara introduced me to this place. I get to go to the Quilt Shop for the first time since, 2007.

Last but not least, I get to go home! I will be done with this semester, and I get to leave the city. That means a few weeks of no homework. I am getting closer to the finish line for my degree and I am getting so excited. I love being at home!
Home for the Holidays. I've waited two years for this merry season. Its going to be a real thrill!!!


Josh and Stacy said...

I can't wait to get to CD, it has been since Easter! Yikes, has it really been that long for me? I can't wait to bake!! Let's start this weekend, if you aren't to busy.

sara said...

I am looking forward to all of the same things. I have started making mentally my list for the things that I want to make too. I have got to keep it under control though. Looking forward to all of it.