Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall 2009

Well, I have to register for Spring Semester tomorrow. I can't believe its that time already. I only have 5 weeks left in the Fall Semester. I set a goal to be more active in my ward, and its starting to pay off. I have gone to an activity with the ward every night this week. I am getting to know people, and I think this is the perfect place for me. Its funny how long it took me to decide that. My fall has been good, and I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Although the radio stations have already begun to play Christmas music all day, I don't want to skip Thanksgiving. I was home over the weekend and I didn't get many photos, but I did have Tenny snap a few. I still have the goal to ride a horse, I guess theres always Christmas break. So, I bet you are all very interested in my schedule for Spring. I am taking: Post War Europe, United States Women since 1870, American History since 1880's, History of Utah, World History, and Cultural Spanish America. I think it is going to keep me super busy. Two of the classes are online so I am going to have to be diligent in my studying. It was the only way to get everything that I needed this semester. That means I am registering for 18 credit hours, which leaves just a few more classes and then on to the Graduate program. thrilling, huh? I set a goal while I was on my mission, to attend every temple in the world. I am starting with the local ones, and then as I get older, maybe I can be called on a mission to serve in a temple.


Tennyson said...

Wow, you read my mind. I was just thinking, "I wish I knew what Whitney's class schedule was." Now I know. Problem solved.

sara said...

I am glad to know your schedule, unlike your sister. It sounds like you are going to be busy. I want to see as many temples as I possibly can as well. I have a good start I suppose. I am glad that you are getting involved in the ward. It is good for you.

Alan and Shelley said...

I reckon by spring, you're not going to want to take another history class in your life. However, you should be very well qualified to teach it. About that temple goal, GOOD LUCK! You know they're building them really fast these days. My goal is to get to all the ones in UTAH! So far I'm missing Brigham City, Ogden, Vernal, Oquirrh Mountain, Timpanogas, and Monitcello. That will take me a few years, I figure.