Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking a hint from the Office

I recently watched an episode of the office, and they were playing a game. Its called deserted an a desert island. You had to name the 5 things would want to have with you on a desert island. So I've been thinking about it alot and trying to decide what I would take. I want yall to do the same.
1. Five books
2. Five movies
3. Five food items
4. Five pictures
5. Five people(for their usefulness)
6. You must add one category.

Now you have to post this on your blog, and will do mine when I get a minute.


The Colemans said...
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The Colemans said...

I did it but didn't post it to my blog. Enjoy.

1. The BFG
Little Women
The Hunger Games
Oh the Places You'll Go

2. The Princess Bride
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Bride & Prejudice
Batman Begins

3. Ice Cream
Diet Coke

4. Sweet wedding picture of Noah getting speared by the temple spire.
Family picture
Cafe at Night
A picture of fall
A really cold looking picture

5. Noah-Fixes freaking everything AND he provides amusement
Esther-She's a linguist, she'll be able to communicate with the natives.
A doctor
A dentist
The prophet? Modern revelation just for our little island.

6. Five Dishes(as in kitchen equipment)

Anne Adele said...

1. Five books: How to Survive on a Desert Island, Boat Building for Dummies, The Book of Mormon (for hope), How to Cook Anything, Anywhere, and a really good joke book.

2. Five movies: The Sound of Music, To Kill a Mockingbird, It Happened One Night, Beauty and the Beast, and the Julia Childs cooking DVD.

3. Five food items: Five large boxes of French MREs, I hear the french ones taste better than the American meals.

4. Five pictures: Van Gogh's Starry Night, A Monet waterlily, Seurat's Sunday in the Park, Raphael's School of Athens(because there is a lot to look at)and A photograph of my family.

5. Five people: Paul Bunyan, with axe, Bear Grlles, the survival expert, Nephi, so he could find iron ore and then make it into tools, Isaiah so we could sit in the shade and he could explain his writings to me, President Obama, so people would come and find us really fast.

6. My personal category would be handy tools: an assortment of knives, fish hooks, fishing line, containers, and sun screen.

I don't watch "The Office" but this has been fun. Rachel and I worked together on this list. I hope that I never get stranded on a desert island because I know that there is something that I have not thought through clearly. That bothers me.