Monday, October 5, 2009

Long Awaited Random Facts

I'm sure you've all just been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering when you were going to get a better look into my brain. Heres the chance. I made this list on my mission, so things may be different.

1. I love to buy shirts. I'm addicted to them.

2. I have a phobia of birds. I hate them, everything about them.

3. I daydream, all day, everyday. I probalby played out every scenario possible for every situation.

4. I fall in love with fictional characters. Ex. Mr, Darcy, Edward, Legolas etc..

5. I don't feel like an adult yet. I still feel like I should be the little girl, that doesn't have to forced to make decisions.

6. I love things that like antique.

7. My special weakness is pride. I have enough for everyone, and still some.

8. The most peaceful place I know is in Grandpas backyard.

9. I'm a jello expert. I made it everyday for Grandpa.

10. I drink oatmeal with water and sugar and I like it!

11. I think Jim, is a great character. Sarcasm, is a huge bonus.

12. I still love the smell and thought of drinking pepto bismal.

13. Everyday, I have a different theme song.

14. I enjoy working on the land. I can see myself being perfectly content living on a farm all my life.

15. I love the smell of coal burning.

16. I want alot of kids, maybe 5 0r 6.

17. I hate to throw things away. Everything has a sentimental value to me. Homework from High School, could come in handy. Side note-it would have last week with my US History exam.

18. I read the news on the internet, several times a day.

19. I am a sports fan. I love college football, olympics, utah jazz, tennis etc..

20. I have an intense desire to travel to Africa.(odd, huh?)

21. When I finish a book it makes me sad. I feel like I know the people and I don't want them to disappear.

22. I love personal histories. Like the Diary of Anne Frank.

23. I have a slight obession with crayola crayons and art supplies. It reminds of starting school.

24. If I make fun of it, its a dead on guarantee that I will love it. For example: Lord of the Rings, Twilight, and Georgette Heyer.

25. I can't live without a calender. I have an impulse to cross things off, everyday.

26. A happy noise is grandpas isuzu truck. (I didn't know it had been sold. Still kinda depressed about that one)
27. Since learning spanish, I can't spell, speak, or write. Its darn frustrating when you turn in papers to your professors and you get it back and they say they don't understand what you were trying to say. Yep, Spanglish. Oops.

Thats not the whole list, but I figure I can share those at a later date. I laugh when I look back and read my mission journal, oh the memories. I admit I'm a goof ball, but loveable, right? Some have told me they are quite fond of me, so I don't care if I'm kinda a dork. School is still chugging along. I find myself a little more interested everyweek. I need to apply myself a little more, but one day at a time. I found conference completly renewing. I felt like I needed to hear every talk. I am rededicating myself. I need to consecrate my life unto the Lord and it has to start today. I spent the weekend with Sarah and Sara. Sarah Beech and I served together in Honduras. We were never companions but good friends. I didn't want her to leave. I know we will have many more time to talk and laugh. Shes a great girl, and we had some good times. We went to the Sunday afternoon session of Conference. Wow, Elder Holland can say it like it is. All I can say is, these men are called of God, and I respect them for dedicating their lives to helping us. I love this gospel, and I am grateful for all of you guys. See you next week.


Jennifer said...

I think I knew all of those things about you. I remember you drinking Pepto when you were little, you would have a little pink ring on your lips. I hope you enjoyed conference and spending time with your friend Sarah.

Tennyson said...

I knew most of those. Especially the bird one. They seem to not favor you much either considering all the times you've been attacked (Sea World, the front yard, and etc.).

Madison said...

I feel the same way about books that you do. It's so sad to finish a good book.