Friday, October 16, 2009

3 Months, Today.....

The three month mark. Wow, I can't believe that three months ago, I was on a plane making my way home to Utah. It seems like everything and nothing has happened in that amount of time. I am trying to "come home" but still having issues. Daily, people from Honduras find my facebook page or email me. I miss them intensly. They really are the sweetest people, and they made me feel so loved. I'm lucky that I have weekly contact with many of the missionaries, and they keep me up to date on whats happening in my querida pais. A friend started a facebook group last week, and assigned me to be the administrator, its fun to get to see all of my mission friends, and what they are doing now. We all have the same feeling, can you guess what it is, we want to be back in the mission field. Its funny to hear it from guys that have been home for over a year. We comment on each others photos and remember the great times we had. What an adventure. I get excited everytime I read a letter from Elder Baum, because he is on the verge of having all of these great times. The mission field...umm. The changes that we experience, and the wonderful love, of a people that are so different from us, it combines into the most amazing memories. I am so grateful for my time as a missionary. It was the best time of my life. Hasta muy pronto Hondoland.

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