Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Facts coming soon!

My first day in the mission office. I looked thrilled right? I'm sure I was. A missionary sent this to me through facebook, last week. I didn't even know it exsisted. I miss them so much. 3 more months!!

Last year when everyone did their random facts page I enjoyed from a great distance. I now would like to post mine. I did indeed write mine in my mission journal. I ran across them, and I laughed so hard, I thought everyone else should know some funny things about me.

I also want to encourage everyone to keep blogging. So, I am asking that everyone post 5 things that would be new for me, things I don't know about you. I return I will post many things you may not know about me.


1. I love General Conferance, and I am excited to hear it in English.

Keep on Truckin!

Monday, September 21, 2009

How Far I've Come

I've come far enough to know that watermelon is suppose to red, not yellow. I was unaware that it came in different colors. I sampled the melon, but admit that I like red better. This one has a really sweet taste. It looks cool if nothing else.

I've come far enough to welcome home Nicole. She got back from serving in the Hong Kong mission this week. She gave an amazing talk. It was so good to see her. We exchanged letters during our missions, but its nothing like talking in person. I look forward to many visits with her.

Yes, the goof troop minus one. We missed Pahulu. These are the sisters from my district in the MTC. Hermana Kylie Brown, and Hermana Rachel Jorgensen. We had lunch together on friday, and laughed about the good times in the MTC. They both served in the Barcelona, Spain mission.

As a side note, I have officially hit the two month mark. Yes, I have been home that long. It seems like yesterday, and then again it seems like forever. I still struggle with my yearnings to go back, but realize I must be home. Things are going good, and I know Heavenly Father will bless me. I got a job last week, working as a private tutor. The lady said she could feel a special glow about me. I guess its my firm desire to work with kids, and help motivate them. I will be teaching Spanish, Language Arts and History. I feel very lucky to have good job. I still am adjusting to the whole roommate, college life thing, and I know I'll make it. Luckily my roommates are sane individuals, and don't keep me up extraordinarily late. I love a good bedtime. As for school, my professors are still trying to indoctrinate us with their ideals, but what would the U be without that. It keeps me interested, because I refuse to be confused by their ramblings or rants. I love Utah, and I don't care if they think I'm a dumb girl with no idea what the world is about. I know what my world is about, and its about passing their class and moving on. I will love school, I just pray i start loving it this week. As for other news, I'm drawn a blank. Endure Well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

24th Birthday!!

The weekend started with a very friendly game of masterpiece. I guess I was a little rusty because I was fooled into purchasing both forgeries. Just my Luck!

Jonas hit up the all you can eat corn on the cob.

Who will ever forget the classic Byu vs. Oklahoma. I sure won't.

Maddie and I. Sporting some nice sets of shades.

To remind us that we always have enough food. Ps. remember not to stick the bratwurts, they lose all their juices.

Friendly table conversation.

My little helpers. Blowing out 24 candles did seem a little daunting.

I'm surprissed we didn't set off the smoke alarm. Luckily, it didn't damage the cake. It was delicious.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tennyson, Never a Dull Moment.

I took a few classic pics of my ever so photogenic sister Tennyson. Just to explain, we were in Dillards school shopping, and passed what I believe to be the biggest backpacks ever. I was a bad example and told tennyson to take them off the wall and we would take pictures. Who cares!

The other two were taken at Shakespeare Festival. we laughed so hard because she came out looking like a real little boy. cute. I'll do a follow up blog later, to highlight my birthday weekend.