Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School has started

I started school on Monday. yipee. I was so nervous I couldn't keep my hands from shaking a little as I waited for the train. I jumped on the train and arrived at class a few minutes(30 to be exact) before it began. I hate being late. I was surprised when my teacher informed us that he was the Calvary Baptis Preacher in downtown. One class assignment will be to attend one of his services. Lucky me. I actually think it may be quite entertaining. My second class is a world civ class. I was waiting for class to start, and girl casually sits in the seat next to me. Normal, right? No. I looked her in the face, and realized it was my friend from before. We had met when she was a freshmen, in an ethnic studies class. While I was in the MTC, I saw her again. She was on the jumbotron in the choir. I hunted her down in the cafeteria, and found out she was going to Switzerland. How odd that we should end up together again. Needless to say we were very happy to see one another. We discussed after mission life a bit, and I feel relieved to have an unexpected friend.
I haven't attended all of my classes yet, but I feel a calm feeling about everything. the only thing keep me nervous is Spanish. I hope its not going to be as hard as I imagine. Pray for the best.
I'm glad to be halfway through my first week, and will be even happier when I have a job. We'll see what the next few days hold.


Alan and Shelley said...

I'm so happy for you Whitney. School is the best after your mission. I loved attending the classes and was a much better student and so much more confident. Maybe your Spanish class will be a little hard,but you will do fine. Remember that you probably learned Spanish without knowing all the rules and now you'll be able to understand so much more and get the rules straight in your head too. Good Luck with all your classes! I'm excited for you to be starting this next phase of your life.

sara said...

Looking forward to the Temple Friday night.

Madison said...

Sounds awesome... I've found some unexpected friends in my classes too!!