Monday, July 27, 2009

A Few Pics and Memories

This is me with Hermana Figueroa, I trained her in December of 2008.
You may recognize these guys in the photo below. These are my Elders.

Leaving for Honduras February 2008.

One of my first converts from Villa Nueva. Looking at this picture maybe you can understand why I say it isn't hot here. Can you see the sweat running down my neck? It was disgusting.

Hiking through the rough, Porvenir July 2009


Rebecca, John & Gabe said...

Thanks for coming to play on Friday! We loved hearing your stories and hope to hear more as you come up this fall. Love you!

Mendokusai said...

Whitney! It's so great to have you home. I've been following you all along the way from your blog and the emails mom forwards to me. I'm so excited you served so well and are home now! Can't wait to see you. I wish we could have come down for your talk. Mom said it was amazing. Love you!!!

Anne Adele said...

I love your smile girl. It is so happy. I'm so glad that you are home. I'm looking forward to seeing you in August. I want to hear all your stories.

The Schauerhamers said...

I love the pictures too! Especially the Sweaty one haha. I have to admit it is soo nice to be back in Idaho. It was too hot in Utah! I guess you heard my mom bought a new car. It would have been miserable riding home with the heater on. I sent you an invite to the biggest loser blog. Let your mom know too to check her email.See you soon!