Monday, March 23, 2009

Tela, Atlantida, Honduras

Zone pic in Satelite.
Washing dishes for the Guitys.

Guity Family, outside of their humble home. Its made of sticks and mud.

On the Beach.

what do you think? A nice area. I don´t go to the beach, but its nice to think I do. My tan is nice, and the heat is killer.


sara said...

You look great and happy and quite tan. I hope things go well with the Guity family.

Alan and Shelley said...

I love the picture of tghe Guity family. They remind me of one of "my families" that I taught, la familia Moron. Ojala que todo anda bien con ellos. Que sigun al bautismo. You look very happy in the picture, I wish I could go to the beach on my my P day. Onward and upward Whitney. Love you.

The Schauerhamers said...

I also love the family picture. The kids look so cute and sweet. I"m glad that you guys help out and do a little dishes. I also really like the picture of you in front of the ocean. It looks like a fun little walk on the beach. You look good too! and is getting exciting to think that you are coming home soon!!!! Love you!