Monday, March 23, 2009

Tela, Atlantida, Honduras

Zone pic in Satelite.
Washing dishes for the Guitys.

Guity Family, outside of their humble home. Its made of sticks and mud.

On the Beach.

what do you think? A nice area. I don´t go to the beach, but its nice to think I do. My tan is nice, and the heat is killer.

Monday, March 2, 2009

When you say nothing at all

I realize its not very fun when the family says nothing at all on your blogs. so I am going to be good and write more often. this week we worked hard and saw results. the Lord has blessed me with his tender mercies. My mission President looks after me like father. I know he loves me and he says he has complete confidence in me. I was touched, because I felt like I hadn´t made a difference in this area. My goal is, always leave the area better than when you came. That seemed impossible here. Nothing is impossible for the Lord.
I heard Morgan was moving. ahhh. I guess I will have to make more trips north. I have Hermana Beech in Rexburg and she says I am welcome whenever. I hope I have the same invitation in Ashton. I love you. Keep the commandments. the Lord loves you.
Hasta Pronto

Okay, Extra points. I will bring a awesome treasure home for the person who can guess or get close to how many people I have helped to the waters of baptism.