Monday, December 15, 2008

That was then.........and this is now. The Evolution

My District in the MTC. One Year Ago.
Sis. Chunky my last day in the Laundry. Que Verguenza

Last Night in the MTC.

My First Multizone Conference (Villa Nueva)

Visiting with members(Villa Nueva)

I am white, I promise. I put on my base from at home. Can You see the difference?(Victoria)

My Fan Club(Satelite)


Putting up my Christmas Tree(Satelite)
One year and darn proud. Also a Birthday shout out to the Tenny. Happy
Sweet Sixteen. So what do you think, changes.
I have decided to leave this extra long post instead of write and email. First, because I have no idea what to say. My little sister is getting married, the other is sixteen and its just overwhelming. Tenny wrote and told me that my english was getting increasingly worse. My apologies. Maybe the lack of words this week will be okay. I give my best to the bride and groom. I pray for all of you. P.S. I got my wish. What was that? I white christmas we baptized 7 people saturday. We are going to complete the goal. thanks for your prayers. I love you. Enjoy the pictures. Whit

Monday, December 8, 2008

I´m Dreaming of a White Chrismas

I have the song of Have yourself a merry little Christmas in my head. Next year all your troubles will be out of sight. I hope so. I am so grateful for Christmas and the oppurtunity i have to share it with others.

I want to wish my dad a very HAPPY 49TH BIRHTDAY. i lOVE YOU Enjoy your crisp december weather, and eat some cake.
Also, please tape the alabama, utah game. May I remind everyone how proud I am of my school.
Adios from Hondo Land. Until Next week.