Monday, October 20, 2008

Tropical Paradise

I am slightly jealous of the cooler weather yall are enjoying. We are enjoying a nice round of tropical storms. When I imagined Honduras I only though of the beach, the only time I saw it was when we were flying over. The continual rain fall has created many problems, and I am tired of walking in he rain. Luckily we have a bus route that runs through our area, so that saves us in a little travel time. I normally enjoy walking but with all the rain, the bus is great. ONe problem, think of Dennis driving down straight canyon, put him in a school bus and add 80 people. Now you got a bus in Honduras. Everyday is an adventure, like you can´t even imagine.
Now, he purpose of this blog was to wish a very special little girl happy birthday. Leah Jane Schauerhamer Happpppppy First Birthday. All I can send you is an imaginary Kiss. I wish I was there to see you with your cake. Morgan take a video. I love you all. Take Care. Drive Safe.

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference

this is me in the stake center. I was waiting with my comp. for Conference to start. I watched it in the High Council room with Lloyd, Allsop and Ellsworth. She was in the other room. I look serious but I am really happy. I am going to be happy to see conference again in 6 months. Keep the Commandments. Love, Whit

P.S. Did Dad get my stuff from Elder Chandler Copeland? I sent a thing for Miranda. I hope you get it soon. Tell Alexis Congrats, I´m proud of her.

A Big Happy 21st Birthday to My little sis Miranda. I wish I could do a dedicatory post but I lack pics. So you will have to do with my sentiments which at times you find to be overly dramatic. Suck it up and deal. I love you and I am so glad that you are my sister. You lived through quite a few near death experiences with me so I guess that means were suppose to be together. I know that you tried to kill me last summer with that trick bonnet. You got a good laugh at my expense. I am always willing to be the butt of a good joke. I remember taking you to Gateway by way of trax. You were so scared, all because a lady asked us for money to buy a hamburger. I hope that you aren´t so scared of the world still. one day I will bring you to honduras and you can see what public transport is really like. Adventure. Remember while celebrating at home that I will be thinking of you here. All my Love.


One of our last Baptisms. Not that you all are very concerned and I will never tell you how many baptisms I have. On pain of death. Because, I don´t know.