Monday, September 15, 2008

Whats UP in Honduras

Yes, I am playing Zarahemla in Honduras. I loved it and I won my comp everytime. It wsn´t really fair because she doesn´t really know how to play. Second pic, after interviews we dropped in at a really nice place. The name may sound familiar. Applebees. I figure you only turn twenty three in Honduras once. the other is me and my comp. I am wearing a dress I bought before I left for the mission but mom just sent it to me in a package. Yes it fits. How do I look?


Alan and Shelley said...

I love seeing your pictures. You are so tall compared to all your companions. Yes, I know they are very short. You get used to it when you are there with them, but some of us who aren't used to seeing the tall rubias gringas think its funny once againg. same thing with my mission pics.

sara said...

You look great. The dress looks really cute too. How fun to have a little Applebees adventure.

Anne Adele said...

It was so good to see the birthday photos. You look so happy. Is the menu at the Honduras Applebee's the same as the North American Applebee's? Maybe they have some local favorites listed. It looks like you had a fun birthday. Congratulations on your twenty-third birthday.