Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23

MY last pday with Hermana Fiatz, we slept until 830. that was amazing. i needed some sleep. We went to print some pictures and then to lunch. Hermana Fiatz was asked by the abuela to cook some food from guate. We ate chicken, guacamole, tajadas and rice. It was delicious. I have decided Honduras has the most bland food on the planet. I don{t think anyone believes in spices. I smelled the best food a few days ago and when we started to eat it, it was just blah. Nothing no taste. What is wrong with this picture. Elder Mitchell found a bottle of bbq sauce at one of the grocery stores and bought it. We put it on everything, but the first time we ate it we were shocked by how much falvor it had. We could only use a little bit. I know that at home I would have covered my meat in it but, the power was overwhelming. We are getting use to having flavor in our lives again. Long Live Bulls Eye.
I was not shocked to hear about our Dear Drew Sitturud being so dumb. I am only sorry for his poor wife Julie. What shame. She is a really nice lady. Dad maybe you should get back into the political landscape. Hey I heard Hilary dropped out. Relief. I need my absentee ballot, I dont want to miss out on the election. Keep up your blogging, I may be absent from the scene for a ew weeks, I will have to see how my new companion is. wish me luck.
Hey mom hows the stamping coming?


sara said...

As always it is nice to hear from you. I enjoyed your letter this week and also your little comments here.

Shelley said...

Hi! I am so glad when you put on a post. How is everything? I'm glad you get to have some flavor in your life with the bbq sauce. I hope your new comapanion will be as wondeful as hna fiatz.