Monday, June 9, 2008


Well just an update, I have offically one year left. Nicole is in Hong Kong, and everything is good. the missionary life is hard. Im not afraid to say that I totally ignored people when they said the it was going to be hard. I didnt think that i could possibly be that difficult to just talk to people. I should have known better. I am enjoying Honduras. but, I do have to have my sarcastic time. Elder Mitchell is my friend in sharing the best and worst stories of honduras. we have all of stories that we could share, and probably will share when we get home. Hna. Fiatz is going home in 23 days, and I couldn{t be more sad. I dont want a new comp. anyway. Nothing much going on here. I did sign up for a hotmail email. So if you want to write a private something that you don{t want my pres to read give me a note. wheatwhit(the at sign) and wheatwhit(at) also I have windows live messenger, lets keep that little juicy tid bit private. I don{t break alot of rules just some. Dont be angry.

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