Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23

MY last pday with Hermana Fiatz, we slept until 830. that was amazing. i needed some sleep. We went to print some pictures and then to lunch. Hermana Fiatz was asked by the abuela to cook some food from guate. We ate chicken, guacamole, tajadas and rice. It was delicious. I have decided Honduras has the most bland food on the planet. I don{t think anyone believes in spices. I smelled the best food a few days ago and when we started to eat it, it was just blah. Nothing no taste. What is wrong with this picture. Elder Mitchell found a bottle of bbq sauce at one of the grocery stores and bought it. We put it on everything, but the first time we ate it we were shocked by how much falvor it had. We could only use a little bit. I know that at home I would have covered my meat in it but, the power was overwhelming. We are getting use to having flavor in our lives again. Long Live Bulls Eye.
I was not shocked to hear about our Dear Drew Sitturud being so dumb. I am only sorry for his poor wife Julie. What shame. She is a really nice lady. Dad maybe you should get back into the political landscape. Hey I heard Hilary dropped out. Relief. I need my absentee ballot, I dont want to miss out on the election. Keep up your blogging, I may be absent from the scene for a ew weeks, I will have to see how my new companion is. wish me luck.
Hey mom hows the stamping coming?

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Funny Story

Only the choosen ones. those who check the blog get this sweet story. Only because I forgot to write it in my email.
We teach English class every Wednesday at the Church, after class we go and get something to eat. Usually at the local Baleada shack. It was after interviews and none of were hungry, just thirsty. We decided to make a shake, because conviently in our house we have a blender. We bought the bananas and some milk and headed back to the house. We were talking and enjoying ourselves. The Elders sat on our porch and we were busy inside, washing cups and making shakes. I saw a shadow move on the top bunk, I thought stupid cockroach, I{m going to kill you. I moved somethings and nothing moved. I walked over to my side of the room, and put on my sandals. It was in this moment that I saw the biggest more disgusting animal. Can you guess? A rat ran from the bed to behind hna fiatz clothes. I screamed and tried to speak in spanish but it had all left me. Everyone was like what the devil is wrong with you. A rat, over there in your clothes. they didn{t belive me. It was tricky. Finally it moved and they believed that I was telling the truth. Luckily the Elders were with us, although they are not allowed to come in our house. elder mitchell grabbed our broom and in he came with just one word:permiso. I left the house and they came in, they chased that rat for a good 15 minutes. I never knew that they were so athlethic. they can run fast, climb anything and jump a good 2 feet. The only weapon we had was our brooms and those of our neighbors. Elder mitchell killed, and we took a picture. what a prize. I pray everynight that I never have another rat in my house again. I would ask that you all join with me. I couldn{t sleep that whole night because I was jumpy and paranoid about rats in my bed. Enjoy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Zone(before changes)

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Update Pics

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!!!!Special note, could someone please get me on the breaking dawn waiting list. It comes out in August and I would like it for my birthday. If you could send it to me that would be marvelous. Gracias.


Well just an update, I have offically one year left. Nicole is in Hong Kong, and everything is good. the missionary life is hard. Im not afraid to say that I totally ignored people when they said the it was going to be hard. I didnt think that i could possibly be that difficult to just talk to people. I should have known better. I am enjoying Honduras. but, I do have to have my sarcastic time. Elder Mitchell is my friend in sharing the best and worst stories of honduras. we have all of stories that we could share, and probably will share when we get home. Hna. Fiatz is going home in 23 days, and I couldn{t be more sad. I dont want a new comp. anyway. Nothing much going on here. I did sign up for a hotmail email. So if you want to write a private something that you don{t want my pres to read give me a note. wheatwhit(the at sign) and wheatwhit(at) also I have windows live messenger, lets keep that little juicy tid bit private. I don{t break alot of rules just some. Dont be angry.