Monday, March 31, 2008

My favorite hill

You can see the city of villa nueva behind me, we climb this hill several times a day. Usually I am drenched in sweat. yes those are the peoples house around me. They climb this hill everyday when they are 70 and 80 years old. I can't believe it.


Jennifer said...

It looks beautiful and green there.
I'm sure you're getting stronger everyday so the hill doesn't seem so hard to climb I will never complain about my washer again.

sara said...

I am so glad you posted pictures. I will turn my music off every Monday in order for you to see my blog. It is so good to see your face. I think I will send a sheet of pictures soon in the pouch.

Shelley said...

The investigators in the family look so sweet. I hope they know what a blessing it is to have you come and teach them the gospel. I hope they will join the church. I also love the picture of you on the hill. i guess going up and down it a couple of times everyday would get anyone in shape. Pretty soon you won't even notice how far you're walking and climbing. It takes awhile. How is the Spanish coming? Keep on trying and introducing yourself. they love to hear you talk and will listen to you even though it sounds funny to them. Keep posting, we love your blog. Love Shelley