Monday, March 24, 2008


Our first baptism.
Our shower, notice the bucket.
I will add more pictures next week, but I ran out of batteries so this is it for now. Enjoy


Jennifer said...

I love your pictures. What a sweet family and an interesting shower. I like the red bucket though.

Liz & Dennis said...

it's so great to see pictures of you. you're looking so great. it's wonderful to see your smile. i'm kind of glad you break this little rule. love liz

morgan said...

I am so happy to see pictures of you! It makes me miss you gosh darn it! Oh well I'm glad to see that you get to shower! What with all that sweat you must produce in the humidity and heat. I love you and will write more in our letter. Love,
Morgan, Andrew and Leah

sara said...

I just ran across these pictures. I did not know that you were posting any. I think it is a great way for us to see you. It can't be that bad breaking this rule is it?

Tennyson said...

I love how tall you are compared to that little family. It's hilarious!