Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Upcoming events

So the plan is on Friday night we will be having a Mexican Potluck dinner at Grandpa's House. Please bring whatever you would enjoy eating. I have some game plans and it will all start happening around 6:30pm.
On Saturday, we will have games and fun all day. Dinner will be at The Fauver's House at 6:00pm. On Sunday, Sacrament meeting is a 9:00am. Afterwards, lunch will be given to those traveling.
I hope to see you all on Thursday or Friday.

If you would like to see my missionary write up in the Progress, http://www.ecprogress.com/index.php?tier=1&pub=2007-12-11&page=missions#1


morgan said...
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morgan said...

I dont think that we will be there until Saturday morning but we will try to get there as soon as possible. Andrew has to work.

sara said...

I will be traveling Friday night after work. I am bringing Leslie and maybe Jonas and Kelsie. I hope we don't miss too much of the Friday festivities. I wanted you to notice my last posting and picture on my blog. I did those all by myself. Can you believe it. I was very impressed. I thought if Shelley can do this I can too. You know next week at this time you will be posting your last blog. I probably don't need to remind you about that do I.

Banner said...

I like that lamb, especially how it has pink spots on it.