Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Special Request

I am writing this to see if anyone would be willing to bring down the See's suckers for the weekend. I have been wanting some, and haven't been able to get to Salt Lake to buy them. If anyone gets a chance please bring them down. I have been cooking various items(bread, cookies) for a few days and hope everyone will enjoy them this weekend.


Shelley said...

Are you kidding? I just got a look at the bounteous bathing beauties on Les's blog. Can't even think of eating candies and sweets. Although I may forget about it tomorrow. See you soon.

sara said...

I will bring the suckers. I should be able to get to the mall tomorrow to pick some up. I am a little concerned about the amount of space and where people are going to stay. John came by the hospital today and he told me that he wasn't coming down but that Rebecca was bringing Gabes and Maddy down. we are short 1 bed. Do you have any ideas. Maybe you guys have it figured out but you know how I am about the details. I always worry about them.