Thursday, December 13, 2007

Room Assignments

Grandpas Bed: Josh and Stacy
Sara's Room: Shelley and Alan
Josh's Room: Morgan and Andrew
Basement Queen: Zack
Leslie's Room: Les and Sara
Craft Room: Rebecca
Fold Out/Couch: Madison and Kelsie
Whitney's Room: Jonas, Gabes and Whitney(Yes!!)They might end up on a couch.
Banner's Room: Hannah and Banner
Tennyson's Room: Tennyson and Miranda

****I have changed my music, you now have to press play if you want to hear it. I did this so that when I get on the blog and don't have to turn it off.


banair said...

Thank you for putting me with Hannah. We'll have so much fun!

Miranda Lee Fauver said...

Hey whit. Add me to your blog and tell everyone i got one. mirrorfauver@blog.........
I'll see you either tomorrow or early Saturday..