Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Farewell

Today was a really nice day. It was kinda cold but nice. Everyone was here this morning to hear my talk. I didn't realize that I could talk for so long. The meeting ran over by 5 minutes, and I even cut out a chunk of my talk. My friends came over after for lunch. I really enjoyed visiting with Garrett, he had alot of helpful advice. I was afraid that saying goodbye to the family would be hard, but the Lord has answered my prayers and has blessed me with the strength to say goodbye. I will see how well I do on Wednesday. As I write my parents are playing tennis, in an attempt to be better for next weeks tournament. I believe Banner will triumph again. I want to thank everyone again, for driving down to see me. I know that Tennyson enjoyed having everyone here for her birthday, and I was glad to see everyone before I go. thank you.


morgan said...

Well... I think the Lord has blessed us all for many reasons. It wasn't so bad saying goodbye because I knew that you were about to do something wonderful. Something I didn't have a chance to do myself and something that I will really look up to you for. Andrew and I decided that you are totally ready for your mission after your talk on Sunday. We both love you soo much and can't wait to hear all of your exciting stories and news from way down south! I really look up to you Whitney, not just physically :) but spiritually and I think you will make a wonderful missionary and will come back an even more spiritual giant. Love you sooo much!

Morgan, Andrew and Leah

Shelley said...

Dear Whit,
We got home safely sunday, but I have a cold. I hope I'm the only one who came down with it. We were glad to come for your farewell. Thank your mom and dad for such a good weekend. You and your mother certainly were well prepared for all of the company. Last night after our temple meeting, the couple we rode home with from Rexburg told us that at the MTC on Christmas they give the missionaries a sack lunch because everyone has the day off. He said that was kind of hard, but the rest of the christmas day was the best christmas he had ever spent. Spiritual and beautiful. I hope it will be that way for you. One of the very best Christmases ever. Love you,

Madison Marie Jorgensen said...

I hope you have a wonderful mission, Whit. And I will definitely be writing you. You'll have to put up with hearing all my drivel. Besides, I might need some advice from an excellent missionary!!

sara said...

I want to just say that I thoroughly enjoyed being at home with all of you for the weekend. It was one of those perfect weekends that we have to look back on and remember all the fun we have as a family. Again, I am so proud of you and your choice to go on this mission. I am excited to see you on Wednesday and hopefully we can keep some modicum of control over our emotions. I plan on bringing Les, Jonas and Maren.

Love Sara