Monday, November 26, 2007


Can you say "cheese?" Banner getting into the Christmas spirit. Also, have you noticed my cluster map? I got a hit in Finland and Spain, thanks for visiting. I will try and post new pics as they become available. I got a ride home with Les last night, we spent all of today watching movies and getting Lizzies Christmas stuff upstairs. Maybe she won't be so reluctant to get started since we hauled the stuff around for her. I am currently watching "The Santa Clause" with Tennyson and Banner. I have to go to the Sheriffs office this week and get my letter of recommendation for my Visa. Hopefully I pass the test(after all I'm not a terrorist). I enjoyed the weekend in Salt Lake, and I don't think anyone got ill. We may have overeaten but, no flu bug was passed to me. Thanks everyone. See you in three weeks.

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