Sunday, November 4, 2007

Good News

I talked to one of my best friends last night, Nicole Sanders, she told me that she has started her mission papers. I am so excited. I couldn't be more thrilled for her. She says she hopes to leave in January or February. I wish her the best. She will be a great missionary. I can't wait until Lindsay can't join the ranks of those waiting to go on a mission.


Martins said...

Yeah I'm so glad you have a blog! It makes it so much easier to keep track of whats going on with each other. I'm so excited for both you and Nicole, you girls are going to be great missionaries!

Shelley said...

Dear Whitney, I saw your blog the other day and I think it is great. And I'm especially glad you've put on your playlist, because I am always interested in what you're listening to these days. And the christmas countdown, because I need to be reminded how far behind I am. Seriously, it is a fun blog. Zack has Tenny's name for Christmas; what are osme good gift ideas for the ever-fashion conscious T.J.? Zack, of course, is clueless, uless she wants something to do with tech. I'm thinking that I should have a blogspot. I could post all kinds of interesting things like Zack's grades, pictures of my canning projects and playlists, and of course info on alan's parents comings and goings. Everyone would find it interesting. Our blogspot would be the highlight of the day. Will you all be able to make it up for Leah's blessing day? I hope so. It will be one of those good, nay, great days for our family. Like your mission. It is a Great thing for our family that you are doing this. I admire and love you for making a mission a part of your life. It is a blessing for you, your parents, and our family. See you soon!. Love Shelley